Woods Enterprises is a global representative of logistics solutions. We represent the leading global logistics companies looking to provide innovative solutions to all of your global logistical needs.

Our Mission

Here at Woods Enterprises, our mission is simple. We aim to foster strong and long-lasting partnerships with global logistics companies to build a massive and powerful collection of logistics solutions providers for our clients around the globe.

We see ourselves as more than a logistics company – we see ourselves as a one-stop-shop and full-service provider of global logistics solutions. Through our extensive network of business relationships and business partnerships, we have the unique capability of providing each and every one of our clients with the logistics they need to ensure a complete global presence in all markets throughout the world.

At Woods Enterprises, our ultimate goal is to facilitate global logistics worldwide and become a major player in the industry through following our core values.

Our Core Values

Trust: At Woods Enterprises, we always adhere to a strict, trustworthy protocol. We believe a trustworthy relationship with our clients is integral to developing and providing logistics solutions in today’s fast-moving globalized marketplace. To gain the trust of our clients, every team member at Woods Enterprises acts with honesty, integrity, and dedication.

Commitment: In today’s volatile global marketplace, it takes commitment to ensure effective transactions. In terms of logistics, stopping short of complete commitment could be catastrophic. At Woods Enterprises, we are always committed to going the extra mile for our clients to ensure a complete full-service logistics solution.

Safety: As a full-service provider of logistics solutions, there are several factors that come into play when working with clients. However, none are more important than ensuring complete safety. To help foster a strong relationship with our clients, we must also foster a strong relationship amongst our team members and employees. To do this, we’ve employed an all-encompassing safety protocol to ensure that our logistics services are effective, efficient, and accident-free.

United Dedication: Everything that we do at Woods Enterprises is in line with the values of our company, but also with the personal values of each of our team members. You see, we operate under a common, unified model of dedication. We believe this unified model helps to ensure that our clients’ logistics needs are understood, met, and often exceeded. To drive results, we have to work together – here at Woods Enterprises, we’re always up to the task.

Transportation of America

Transportation of America provides best in class LTL and Truckload distribution operations out of our 70,000 sqft cross-dock and trans-loading facility located in Pomona, CA.  We are backed by our own Motor Carrier assets with real-time GPS tracking, In-Cab Transponders, and driver cell phone communications. The Transportation of America team stands ready to service your LTL and Truckload needs out of Southern California to all points East within the Continental United States.

Universal Dynasty Inc.

As one of the most trusted freight brokers in the nation, Universal Dynasty offers the best hassle-free shipping service in the industry. Our services include Truckload, LTL, Expedited, Refrigerated, Flat-bed, Partial, Intermodal & Rail. No client is too large or small for our operation. We provide world-class tailored customer service to all of our accounts.

Moving America Forward

As America’s logistical experts, Moving America Forward provides full-service transportation services covering all things ground transport. We are a forward-thinking logistical solutions provider, combining experience and technology to get your freight where you need it when you need it.

We are integrity

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