Five Reasons Shipping by Road may be Better Than Rail

You get it, transporting your assets is dependent upon volume, weight, and distance. Punch a few numbers and there you have it: your shipping cost. Sound familiar? Well, there is a lot more to shipping decisions than just cost.

The Standard

Have you ever thought about how cereal, salt, or cars are shipped from one country to another? Well, you might be surprised. While cereal and salt are products that can be easily destroyed by moisture, they are almost exclusively shipped via boat on well-wrapped dry shipping boats. The biggest reason is that these are high-demand products that due to high inventory can stand the longer lead times required for sea transport.

On the other hand, cars, also ship by boat, are frequently shipped by air to manage customized and just-in-time inventory management.

Environment Protection

Many people don’t think about the environment when they are shipping their assets. But, if you work for a millennial-based company, chances are the environment plays a big role in how you do business. Rail is considered the most environmentally-responsible way to ship over land. The rails have taken the lead in improving carbon-safe transportation occupying only 2% of transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions.

Not Everything Can be Transported to or Through Anywhere

The transportation industry must be conscious of the asset and the route in which it is being transported. Assets which either require special permission, permits, or simply can’t be shipped by common methods include ammunition, certain hazardous chemicals, explosives, and even fresh fruits and vegetables. While some transportation companies can ship these items, it may not be as easy as you think.

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